Students & Alumni


Our hundred and thirty students come from all walks of life. Some have traditional liberal arts backgrounds, while others have technical or professional degrees. Approximately two-thirds are part-time students returning to academic life while one-third are full-time students. Students range in age and experience from recent graduates to retirees. Despite differences in age, occupation and background, our students share a desire for intellectual challenge and personal growth. Together they form a dedicated community of students who bring their knowledge and expertise into Liberal Studies seminars. 


Many of our students remain committed to Graduate Liberal Studies as active GLS alumni, attending lectures and other events that continue to nourish their minds and renew their friendships within the GLS community. Some alumni audit courses or take GLS courses for credit, some continue their higher education in doctoral or professional degree programs, while other alums embark on new jobs, new careers or new phases of their lives. Since the first entering class in fall 1984, over 500 students have graduated with a MALS degree from Duke University. In addition to their intellectural and social commitment to GLS, our alumni support the mission of the program by contributing to the MALS Endowment Fund. Click here for the latest alumni news.