​Lottie Applewhite Awards

Thanks to a generous gift from GLS alumna Lottie Applewhite (MALS, 1997), Graduate Liberal Studies can offer GLS students small grants for the following purposes:

  • Travel to a conference relevant to your course of study.
  • Travel for purposes of research for the Master's Project.
  • Other expenses related to Master's Project work. 

We can offer up to $1000, based on your preliminary budget. These awards are given on a rolling basis throughout the year. Awardees receiving travel funds must submit a travel report, with receipts accounting for funds spent, within two weeks of the end of the travel period (see travel report guidelines here). Applicants will receive half the awarded amount before the proposed travel, and half after submitting an acceptable travel report. If you do not use a portion of the awarded amount, you must reimburse that amount to Graduate Liberal Studies. In the event that the travel does not take place, you must reimburse GLS any awarded funds. The second payment of your travel award will be either the outstanding amount of your actual expenses or the second payment of your travel award, whichever amount is smaller. 

Application Deadlines

GLS students may apply throughout the academic year.

    To apply for a travel grant for a conference, you will be asked to submit the following information and documents:

    • If you plan to present at the conference, your proposal and proof of acceptance to present (save as PDF);
    • If you aren't presenting, a brief statement explaining the importance – personally and academically – of attending the conference;
    • A preliminary budget. 
    • Click here to submit your conference travel award application

    To apply for a research travel grant for your Master's Project, you will be asked to submit the following information and documents:

    • Your Master's Project proposal that includes your supervisor’s name. Preferably, you will already be registered in LS 850 Master's Project Colloquium, or registering in the semester following your research travel.  
    • Documentation of approval or waiver from the Duke Office of Research Support (ORS-Info@duke.edu or 919-684-3030) if your project involves human subject research.  
    • A statement explaining the importance of your proposed travel to the successful completion of your Master's Project. 
    • A preliminary budget. 
    • Click here to submit your Master's Project travel award application