Congratulations, 2016-17 Graduates!

GLS Graduation 2017
May 24, 2017
On the afternoon of Saturday, May 13, Graduate Liberal Studies held its annual Graduation and Hooding Ceremony at the Washington Duke Inn.  This event honored all 38 students – now alumni -- who earned a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies through our program between June 2016 and May 2017.  The ceremony included the hooding of the new graduates by their master’s project supervisors, or another faculty member, and was followed by a reception with live music from a string quartet. 
Congratulations to the following graduates.  They well represent the strength, diversity and spirit of this program.





September 2016

Karli Johonnot

Gloria Lloyd

Patricia Pawlak

Estefania Ramirez

Manjun Zhao


December 2016

Courtney Young Alston

Matt Arnold

Maria Trinidad Brahm Rivas

Samantha Cunningham

Chun Jiang

Felipé Lamus

Britain Scott


May 2017

Kavanah Anderson

Yifang Bai

John Bechtold

Terri Beck

Michelle Cooley

Katie Eller

Kristen Greenaway

Mishalle Kayani

Botian Liu

Jingyi Lu

Wa Meng

Raz Molotiu

Alex Monroe

Femi Omoni

Kathy Phillips

Len Piechocki

Siyuan Qu

Jim Rose

Katayoun Sadri

Jeremy Salemson

Paul Triulzi

Maria Trinidad Ugarté

Taylor Virden

James Wahlberg

Tony Watson

Todd Woodard



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