Courses Five and Six

Courses Five and Six

Gathering Skills, Making Connections

What sort of project will you want to do?  What skills, knowledge, background or faculty contacts will you need in order to be ready for this project?

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Attend the Master’s Project Planning Session  (required)

This required workshop, which discusses Project and proposal requirements in detail, is held in January, June and September.   At this meeting, students learn the GLS program expectations concerning projects, proposals, prerequisites and the process leading to the project.  See the GLS Academic Calendar for the next scheduled session.

  • You are responsible for attending this session before your seventh course in the program.  Ideally, fulltime students should attend during the semester of the fifth course. 
  • You cannot submit your project proposal until you have attended this required session. 

Consider the Type of Project You Would Like To Do

  • We strongly recommend that you work in a field in which you have already done academic work.   We suggest amplifying a course paper or otherwise building on topics you have already studied during your time in the program.  This will ensure that you have an understanding of the issues and scholarly conversation necessary for writing the initial Project proposal – as well as a potential supervisor.  Alternatively, you might analyze, within appropriate academic contexts and concerns, an issue about which you have personal experience or career expertise. 
  • Past master’s projects can give you a sense of the possibilities of the program.  In particular, pay attention to projects that carry the "Exemplary" designation.  They can make good models for your own work.  

Plan Your Remaining Courses

Take courses that will help to develop the knowledge, skills and/or faculty connections you will need for your project.   

Use the Master's Project Proposal Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you get a sense of the sort of project you want to do...