Exemplary Master's Project Designation

The Graduate Liberal Studies Exemplary Master’s Project designation publicly acknowledges outstanding student scholarship or creative work.  Projects awarded this designation are recognized in our graduation ceremony program, on the GLS website and on DukeSpace.  Students whose projects are designated as Exemplary also have the opportunity to present their work to the Duke community and guests at the annual Exemplary Master's Project Celebration held during commencement week. Students who are proposing or working on their own master's projects should regard the Exemplary projects as examples to emulate.  

We celebrated our 2019-20 Exemplary Master's Projects with a video showcase that can be found here.

Exemplary projects must represent particularly accomp­lish­ed models of graduate-level inter­disciplinary work.  To ensure this level of quality, we limit the award to 4-8 students each year. In order to be considered for this honor, a master’s project must:

  • Be nominated by the faculty supervisor.
  • Be notably clear, well written and well organized. 
  • Be of particularly high academic quality.  It should demonstrate a notable measure of the following characteristics, as appropriate to the project’s particular interdisciplinary combination of disciplines and methods:
  • sound and thorough research;
  • sustained and insightful critical inquiry and analysis;
  • evocative and meaningful creative work;
  • original perspectives or innovative approaches;
  • coherent synthesis of multiple perspectives or approaches; and
  • lucid, precise and meaningful prose.

The designation will be based on the Submission Copy, which should need only a few minor edits or technical changes at the time of submission to the GLS office (ten days before the master’s examination).

To nominate a project, the faculty supervisor should send a brief paragraph to the GLS director, by the annual deadline, outlining how the project meets the above standards.