Duke University's international reputation for excellence rests upon the research, teaching, leadership, and service of gifted, dedicated scholars and educators. A seasoned complement of graduate faculty members and scholars from throughout the university teach for the GLS program, advise and supervise our students' master's projects, help develop its curriculum, and influence its pedagogy. Since the inception of the program, approximately one hundred faculty members from thirty departments have developed and taught GLS graduate courses or directed the scholarship of individual students. Graduate faculty members also serve on the GLS Advisory Committee, participating in the academic governance of the program.

Duke faculty members maintain a tradition of personal attention to students and a commitment to research. As a result, GLS students receive the benefits of small, personalized seminars taught by leading scholars.

The faculty members whose biographies appear below represent a small fraction of the faculty who have worked with GLS over the years. 

See a full list of current participating faculty here