NEW Fall 2024 - AI and the Future of Human History

Amanda Starling Gould
LS 780-01
Fall 2024
Mondays, 2-4:30 PM
GLS House, 2114 Campus Drive/Hybrid in Person and Online

Through conversation, practice, and engagement with technical tools and critical thinkers, we’ll investigate how AI tools are creating knowledge, producing relations, redefining the human, auto-generating evidence and artifacts, and building (and ruining?) worlds. We’ll look at how AI-augmented digital tools and techniques are situated within systems of oppression (racism, sexism, ableism), and how they might be designed toward liberation. We’ll interrogate how intelligently augmented tools are governing our actions and interactions - asking ourselves at what point we’ll wonder, Am I AI? - and how AI might be rewriting the past and automatically generating the future.

About Amanda Starling Gould
Graduate Liberal Studies

GLS Advisory Committee Term: 2022-2025

Amanda Starling Gould, PhD, is a technology scholar with a particular interest in the environmental effects of digital technologies and questions the ways technologies of connection can cause disconnect, bias, and harm. She thinks, for example, about how our technologies design us, and about how the unequal distribution of power and access are designed into the system. In her current appointment with Duke’s Graduate Liberal Studies program, she seeks to enable students to interrogate these issues and pursue critical interdisciplinary research projects of their own.

She teaches undergraduate, graduate, and adult learners on topics related to critical digital studies, public and digital humanities, designing equitable futures, and for many years taught a class called Learning to Fail for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship department at Duke.