NEW Summer 2024 - Life’s Work: Being with More-Than-Human Worlds

LS 760-01
Summer 2024
Tuesdays, 5-7:30 PM
GLS House Room 010

Instructor: Saskia Cornes

How might we effectively ground the enormity of climate crisis in the places that we live and the people that we are? How might we start to relate to place and to the non-human world differently in the context of climate change? This environmental humanities seminar posits that we might start with understanding the cultural legacies of local landscapes, and by learning to read landscapes themselves. We will read works of literature and criticism with a focus on the American South. We will also spend some time at the Duke Campus Farm, where the Farm’s soils, plants, and landscapes will be our archives and storytellers, and embodied practice will become one way of making meaning from these “texts.” No prior farm experience is required or expected, but participants must be comfortable being and learning outside.